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Call me Kung Fu Panda

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I am a Kung Fu master! Well at least on the right path. This morning we had our fist kung fu lesson. We started of by running a few laps. When we tried to cut a few our nmaster got a bit upset. He was a little ijtense and scary but eventualy he warmed up to us. Let me tell you kung fu is one hard sport. The physical strengh it takes is amazing. After our lesson we got a tour of the school. Let's just say I wouldn't last long in those conditions. They do six hours of kung fu a day and go to school too.
We got to see some first class kung fu at a special performance tonight. We met some of the performers before hand. They are the same age as me and have been training for six to seven years already. The show was beautiful since it was set in the mountains with beautiful lights. the show was beautiful and truly brought peace to us. We were all very ready for bed after. Got to get to bed we have an early wake up call to pray and eat with the monks. Ill let you know how it goes tom:)

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Karen Wells said...

I bet the master got upset when you tried to skip laps! The Chinese are all about perfection. The monks will provide a sense of spirituality that you may not have experienced before. Have fun!

Changing Connections said...

Six hours of Kung Fu training daily and then "school." Clearly the Chinese student has a long day, at least half of it dedicated to the pursuit of blending physical and mental. I wonder if you would want to attend school in China, one that specializes in what you love.

RJ Stangherlin
PA DEN Leadership Council Blog Coordinator

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