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China Trip

Paper Cutting Adventure

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Wow what an art! Today we witnessed an extraordinary art form. In China paper cutting is a traditional art form. Typically paper cutting is performed by women because they have more patience and are more delicate. The women we met today owns her own business here in Chengde. She is considered on of the top paper cutters in the nation. Some of her pieces are so beautiful and colourful. After a quick demo and showing us some of her works she allowed us to try paper cutting on our own. She drew out designs for us and gave us special scissors to cut. While the paper cut outs we did were not as impressive as the master who trained us, I was very impressed with every ones cut outs. It was so interesting to see this ancient art and experience it first hand. This trip is a true adventure with all the amazing first hand experiences we have had! Thanks so much Discovery Student Adventures for the experience!



Karen Wells said...

It seems like everywhere you go in China you are getting to work with the masters. Whether it is ping pong, cooking, or paper cutting, you guys are seeing what years of practice can accomplish. Take that knowledge with you. Karen Wells DSA South Africa

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