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Saying goodbye to Chengd

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Today we leave Chengd and head back to Bejing. The most interesting part is that Chengd is considered a small town at two hundred thousand. I live in Verona, Wisconsin population ten thousand. While here we had some amazing experiences. Climbing the great wall will forever stay in my mind not only for the amazing sights but the sense of pride that we had completed a very taxing hike physically and mentally. We stayed in a beautiful four star hotel and enjoyed a very hard deep nights sleep. We got up and enjoyed the summer palace and paper cutting. The true excitement came at night. We went to a very fancy five star restaurant and enjoyed a great meal. We thought we were just dinning but had no idea about the performance we were about to experience. We had so much fun dancing and leading congo lines through the restaurant! That night we had ladies night. All the girls got together ate junk food talked and shared lots of laughs. It will be a night we will never forget. After a good nights sleep we went to a beautiful temple. After hiking the four hundred steps to the top we enjoyed a panoramic view that was incredible. The views and sights we have seen this trip so far are once in a lifetime. I can only hope the rest of this trip is this exciting!

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Karen Wells said...

Isn't girls' night out so much fun - even in China? I can tell you guys are really going to miss each other when your adventure comes to an end. Karen Wells DSA South Africa

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