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The Hike of a Lifetime

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Today was a day I will truly never forget. We started early with a five a.m. Wake up call. We packed up our camp and were on our way. The hike was long and hard. Some turned back however, all of us students trooped through. The hike in total took five hours. We hiked hills we thaught were impossible, got lost in a maze of corn, but most importantly we left feeling like we could do anything. The sights that we saw were postcard worthy. The rolling mountians and lush greenery was a sight to see. I have camped a lot and done a fair amount of hiking, this experiance by far trumps anyother experiance I've ever had. It is time for a well deserved nap and shower.

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Karen said...

Good for you for finishing the hike. I'm sure it will always rank right up there with all the exciting things you have in store for your life. Karen Wells DSA South Africa

Changing Connections said...

I can believe, from the photos I've seen and the videos, that yes, this trip would trump all your other hiking experiences. Thank you for sharing, despite being so tired. We so appreciate being able to follow you.

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